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Aludir a las ilusiones,la inocencia,el tiempo de juventud, perdido o no, buceando en la vida misma, adquirir experiencia, sosten afectivo, padres, abuela, hermana,  amor corriendo por mis venas, sacrificio sin valor, esteril, inmune. La pena, el olvido, el perdon, palabras que fortalecen con la experiencia. Y sin embargo, el crecimiento, la empatia, compensan el tiempo perdido,que a diferencia de Marcel Proust, no busco,solo encuentro, memorias, recuerdos, benditos sean.


Mothers in Heaven

Mothers in heaven, mothers in our mind, there must be a moment in time when we can meet again, hugging each other, and not to fade any more, mothers, mothers, mothers, should the world make them live  for ever, since absence is stronger than presence, WHEN A MAN LOVES A MOTHER, God, why is that so cruel, mothers should never disappear from our lives, by law, legally permitted to live longer, to have the privilege, to be distinguished as the only creatures in the world worth the value as if they were diamonds.

Sigmund Freud, factors that make us suffer

He believes that they are the external world, our own body and other people, we should face the causes of the suffering, instead of looking for consolation, we should not disguise the causes, or we may explode in a pathological way. Actually, we all have desire for sex, to put things together, but our agression appears as well, when we deny the way for pleasure.That is Nietzsche’s point of view, you bottle up your impulse of satisfaction, and that increases guilt. Freud is not friend of Anarchism, there is no solution for him, we are all negotiating modes of life, to find meaning in what we do, and satisfaction as well. He wants to escape through  the pursuit of meanings of ideals. We should not obscure who we are, because that means consolation, there is no perfect life for him,but we can figure out how we would make us suffer less